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Past. Present. Future.

____   "The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over." - Nicholas Sparks

Life lesson #2

It’s sad to see late bloomers experience things in their 20s. I’m not saying that I’m proud about what I have encountered in my early teens, but it just sucks seeing other people go through it when I already know what the outcome is going to be.

You guys are naive and ignorance towards a lot of things. You search for friends and groups to feel a sense of belonging, to feel accepted and important. You accept everyone in, trust them with your soul, and lend out a hand whenever they reach out to you. No, you’re not wrong, but you’re too quick to trust. You’re too quick to believe that these people are good people with good intentions because all you want in return, is to be socially accepted.

What you don’t know is how shady people can be and what a backstabber they are. They take advantage of your genuineness because they know you will always help them when they’re in need. Whenever they want to talk to you about their problems, they call you. When they’re broke, they borrow money from you. When they need something, they call you. But what about YOU? What about the times when you need someone to talk to about your problems, when you need a ride, when you need help.. “Oh sorry, I’m busy right now, but I’ll call you later and we’ll meet up or talk about it.” Doesn’t follow through. Or “Oh sorry, I can’t right now because (insert excuses)”. Wake up, idiot, you’re being used because you’re too kind.

There are people who kiss ass to you to manipulate you so you’ll be on their side when shit goes down, or so you will say nice things about them so they can get promoted and be above you. Meanwhile, they talk shit and make you look stupid behind your back. You just got backstabbed.

Whether you seek friends at school or work, please don’t trust so easily. Don’t be so easy to open up until you trust your instincts that these people who you call “friends” are good people - unless they give you a reason to not trust them, then I hope by that time, you’ll learn from your mistakes.

I have seen and experienced enough to know how it is. If you’re looking for people who won’t judge you, then good luck with that. Your real friends are the ones who judges you and tells you bluntly about it. Your real friends don’t drop you because of your past. They don’t ignore you if you haven’t talked to them for awhile because you’re all too busy with your own life. You guys make time to see each other even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Usually, you’ll find these friends in the group you grew up with - elementary, middle or high school til now.

So let me ask you this, that “clique” that you’re in right now.. are they your true friends or are they just temporary so you can feel like you belong somewhere?

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Now people are going to start posting/reblogging bullshit text messages pictures like:

"It’s 11:11! Make a wish!"
"I wish you were here."

…..And it will get 20,000+ notes. Or it can be funny like:

"It’s 11:11! Make a wish!"
"I wish you were here.. OH WAIT, I JUST MISSED IT. Guess I’ll just have to wait til 2022" 

I’m such a hater, kekeke ^-^V

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If planking was a game

Then everyone would win because we plank every fucking night on our beds.

What has this world become?

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"These planking photos are so irritating! It’s so fucking stupid. Get a life."
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See more funny videos and TBT at Todays Big Thing.


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