Past. Present. Future.

____   "The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over." - Nicholas Sparks

"Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives."
Lemony Snicket (via psych-facts)
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Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be involved in your life?

I don’t remember the last time I was being treated this shitty.

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"you know, it really isn’t hard to make a person happy. if it becomes hard it’s either you stop doing what you were doing or they’ve changed."
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If only I listened to you.. I would have been a much better place right now.

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"I’ll take you places you’ve never been, if you’d only listen."
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"The hours between 12am and 6am
have a funny habit of making you feel
like you’re either on top of the world,
or under it."
Beau Taplin || the hours between.  (via psych-facts)
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"Sometimes it takes a good fall

To really know where you stand.”

Up to this day, I know I am going above and beyond on my duties, efforts, and time. I’ve done more than I have ever given in any relationship and that is because I always reminded myself why we started in the first place. That is what keeps me going and working on our relationship.

It makes me wonder.. if I have never put in all the effort throughout this past year, would we still have continued? Would it still have progressed to what it is now? Or would you just have treated me like just another girl.

I appreciate everything you’ve done. I really do. And I thank you for giving and showing me these amazing shows and experiences. But what I need most of all from you is what you lack of - emotional support. I need reassurance; I need what you once showed me before.. or was that all for the chase? You need to show me something to at least show me that you give a damn.

Time apart really let’s you see the bigger picture. My head is out of the clouds. I’m taking a step back here.. I need to know what’s real and what’s not. Don’t waste each other’s time. If you can’t go through with us, just let me know.

It’s your turn now.

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"Falling in love is not a choice. To stay in love is. We fall in love with someone for a reason. That reason is either temporary or permanent"
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